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Trump Pissed Off Barbara Bush So Much It Gave Her a 'Heart Attack'

She'd hated the guy since the 1980s, according to a new book.
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The Most Horrified Reactions to Trump's Dick Allegedly Looking Like Toad

Here's how the world is taking Stormy Daniels's allegation that the president has "a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart."
Drew Schwartz

A Depressed PhD Student Meets the Merman of Her Wet Dreams in 'The Pisces'

In this exclusive excerpt from Melissa Broder's highly anticipated debut novel, protagonist Lucy meets an eerily sexy swimmer.
Melissa Broder
So Sad Today

Why Are Video Games Obsessed With Bathrooms?

Read this excerpt from Heterotopias 003, a zine about games, architecture, and ideology.
Matt Margini
Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog Was Almost Sonic the Rabbit

Read an excerpt from Cook & Becker’s new art book documenting the development of the iconic mascot.
Arjan Terpstra

Jen Agg: Stop Calling Women 'Outspoken'

"When you're a woman... having opinions always translates to 'outspoken.'"
Jen Agg

When I Was Forced to Deny Care to a Poor Woman in Need of an Abortion

Dr. Willie Parker—a devout Christian and one of the last abortion providers in the deep South—explains how restrictive abortion laws discriminate against women by income and zip code.
Dr. Willie Parker
text art

Kara Walker, Juliana Huxtable, and More Challenge False White Recordings of Black History

'Excerpt' at The Studio Museum in Harlem shows black artists rewriting their identities.
Antwaun Sargent
The 2016 Fiction Issue

An Excerpt from Rachel Cusk's Upcoming Novel, 'Transit'

A teacher has a student to her house and helps the student unwind her obsession with the painter Marsden Hartley, The student realizes the fixation first began with an older man and a midnight walk in Paris.
Rachel Cusk

Documenting 25 Years of Cuba's Overlooked Optimism

Starting with a trip to find long-lost relatives in the late 80s, photographer Manuello Paganelli has visited Cuba dozens of times, documenting a vibrant, optimistic side of the nation's culture.
Manuello Paganelli
Gaming Library

How Family Ties Influence the Creation of Indie Games

These excerpts from the new book 'Independent By Design: Art & Stories of Indie Game Creation' focus on three studios revolve around singular partnerships.
John Robertson and Stace Harman

What It Was Like to Be Joseph Kony's Bodyguard

An excerpt from 'When the Walking Defeats You', a book about a young man who became one the bodyguard to one of the 21st century's most notorious warlords before making his escape.
Ledio Cakaj