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Our 11 Favorite Works from the Dallas Art Fair

From all-too-realistic babies, to not-so-superflat Murakamis, here are our selects from this year's Dallas Art Fair.


Sex, Violence, and Addiction Reign at Haculla's 'IN CHARGE'

We spoke to Harif Guzman, a.k.a. HACULLA, about his vice-fueled new solo show.


Inside the Wes Anderson Tribute Art Show

'Bad Dads VI' features everything from Steve Zissou Adidas to a portrait of Tilda Swinton—too bad it's already sold out.


[Exclusive] A 30-Second Tour of Nick Cave’s Detroit Takeover

The largest-ever showing of the artist's 'Soundsuits' comes to Detroit.


A Photo Manipulation Master a Decade Before Photoshop

A new exhibition of Sarah Charlesworth’s 40-year career shows how collaging, recontextualizing, and manipulating images expanded the photographic medium.


The Splatter Artist Who Influenced Japan's Avant-Garde

Like Jackson Pollock’s drip artworks, Shozo Shimamoto’s works are benchmarks in action and abstract painting.


Woven Aluminum Tapestries Anchor a Legendary Ghanian Artist's Retrospective

El Anatsui's most monumental works in wood, tin, and other metals go on display at Jack Shainman Gallery's Upstate New York “School.”


Would You Trade Your Data for a Chocolate Chip Cookie?

A new pop-up exhibition at Pratt’s WantedDesign show wants to put your personal data on display—for a price.


Leftover Cowhide Becomes Abstract Art in the Hands of Anneliese Schrenk

Animal skins form reinterpretations of drawing, painting, and readymade art in a new pop-up exhibition from the Viennese artist.


I Moved Water with My Mind at an Art Installation

Mind controls matter in Lisa Park's 'Eunoia II,' on display at Reverse Space through June 6.


How 'Jurassic Park' and Samurai Swords Inspired London Architect Thomas Heatherwick

The famed British designer and architect explores his 20-year career as part of a new touring exhibition on Heatherwick Studios


What If Your Apartment Were an Art Installation?

Elmgreen & Dragset, the artists behind Prada Marfa, invited us to be nosy guests inside the fictional apartment bedroom they've installed in Galerie Perrotin.