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Wrongfully convicted people are owed thousands back in taxes — and they have no idea

Congress passed the Wrongful Conviction Tax Relief Act in 2015 but didn’t come up with a way to let people know they were entitled to the money.
David Noriega
true crime

How to Stop Dirty Cops from Putting Innocent People in Prison

Information about bad cops' career histories can help everyone from lawyers to the public know who to watch out for.
Alison Flowers
forensic science

Bite-Mark Matching Falsely Imprisoned These Men For Rape and Murder

The claim that a suspect's teeth can be matched to a mark on a body is junk forensic science, but it still put innocent people in jail.
Shayla Love
Life Inside

We Were Wrongfully Convicted of Killing Cops and Now We're Married

From sentenced to death for crimes we didn't commit to 'Til Death Do Us Part.
Maurice Chammah

15 men were framed by corrupt Chicago cops. Now they're being exonerated.

Alexa Liautaud
Life Inside

I Served 26 Years for Murder Even Though the Killer Confessed

His lawyers wouldn't tell anyone because of attorney-client privilege. Meanwhile, I kept a homemade metal shank with me at all times.
Alton Logan with Berl Falbaum

Cleveland man will be released after 23 years in prison for murder he didn't commit

Advances in DNA testing freed a Cleveland, Ohio man who thought he'd be spending his life in prison.
Alexa Liautaud
Life Inside

What It's Like to Face Your Daughter's Killer

He looked in my eyes and said he was sorry. Do I believe that? I'm not sure.
Jeanette Popp, as told to Maurice Chammah
Vice Blog

Was an Innocent Man Sent to Prison for Killing a Cop 46 Years Ago?

Cleve Heidelberg says his only mistake on a fateful night in 1970 was lending his car to a cop killer. Forty-six years later, he's still in prison.
Charlotte Silver
the vice reader

What It's Like to Get Exonerated of Murder After 21 Years in Prison

Relief, gratitude, paranoia, and keeping a butcher's knife under your pillow.
Alison Flowers
Life Inside

When Your Job Is to Help Free a Wrongfully Convicted Murderer

Inside an investigator's hunt for a key witness that could prove someone innocent.
Lorea Gillespie

What Happens When the Government Takes 20 Years of Your Life

A man who was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault reflects on the suicide of a fellow exoneree and how the system fails people like them.
Jarrett Adams