Exorcisms Are Not a Substitute for Healthcare

Go see a doctor, not an exorcist.
Josiah Hesse

An Exploration Into Goth Culture in Suburbia

On the next episode of VICELAND's show BALLS DEEP, host Thomas Morton explores goth culture, moms, and exorcisms.
Lili Emtiaz
Possessed: Modern Day Exorcisms

The Exorcist Trying to Heal South Africa’s Satanic Murderer

VICE heads to Cape Town to meet Cecil Begbie, a Methodist priest and exorcist, who believes he can expel demons from a murderer who claims he was possessed when he carried out the crime.
VICE Staff
Possessed: Modern Day Exorcisms

The Rise of Santa Muerte Worship and Demon Exorcism in Mexico

VICE travels to Mexico City to sit in on a pastor's demon liberation ceremony and meet people who believe they've been possessed.
VICE Staff
Possessed: Modern Day Exorcisms

A Day in the Life of a Modern American Exorcist

VICE meets Father Vincent Lampert, Indianapolis's resident exorcist, to find out why the phenomenon is still prevalent in the West.
VICE Staff

Meet the Struggling South African Cult That Tried to Kill Demon Hitler

Bernard Poolman tried to fashion himself as the next L. Ron Hubbard and failed gloriously.
River Donaghey

Get an Espresso and an Exorcism at Bangkok's Premiere Witchcraft Cafe

Created by Wine Kongsorn and Nat Maitreemit to give the Thai Wiccan community a place to gather, Ace of Cups features spells, rituals, and cakes that match your astrological sign.
Laurel Tuohy

British Kids Are Still Being Subjected to Violent 'Exorcisms'

Eight-year-old Victoria Climbié was tortured and killed almost 15 years ago because her great-aunt believed she was possessed. Despite the introduction of new government policy following her death, little seems to have changed.
Hussein Kesvani

Joan Rivers's Spiritual Guide Is Fighting Crime with Voodoo in New Orleans

After a bloody summer in New Orleans, Joan Rivers's favorite voodoo priestess, Sallie Ann Glassman, is asking a warrior spirit to cleanse her neighborhood and bring balance back to her home. We visited the ceremony.
Mason Miller
The Evolutionary Resilience Issue

The Exorcism Industry Joins the 21st Century

How to drive out demons using the power of Christ and Skype.
Gideon Resnick