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This Stoner Broke into a Vacant House to Get High and Ran into a Giant Tiger

But the cops just thought they were hallucinating.
River Donaghey
joe exotic

An Oklahoma Zookeeper Shot Five Tigers to ‘Make Room’ for More Tigers

Exotic animal owner 'Joe Exotic' was charged with more than a dozen wildlife crimes by a federal grand jury.
Sarah Emerson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Guy Says His Illegal 200-Pound Pet Gator Liked to 'Come Sit on My Lap'

"He was like a dog. I don't think he knew he was an alligator."
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

California Cops Found Dozens of Snakes and Gators in a Suburban Backyard

There were enough dangerous reptiles at Todd Kates's Thousand Oaks home to fill a 'Jungle 2 Jungle' reboot.
River Donaghey
it's a zoo

Toronto Is Cracking Down on Therapy Capybaras

The city is looking into its many travelling zoos.
Lisa Cumming
Luxury Week

Why Rich People Are Obsessed With Owning Exotic Animals

Is buying a tiger a rite of passage for the ultra rich?
Sarah Emerson

This Guy’s Pet Alligator Feeds on Pizza and Cookies

The 13-foot-long gator lives in a small, murky pool in Florida, where it chows down on carb-loaded treats.
Alex Swerdloff

China Bans Sale of Endangered Animals as Food

The Chinese government banned the production and sale of food made from state-protected wild animals last week, promising to update the list of what’s protected every five years as populations in the wild recover or take a dive.
Wyatt Marshall
asia & pacific

40 Tiger Cub Carcasses Found in Freezer During Raid at Infamous Thailand Temple

Thai authorities found 40 tiger cub carcasses in a freezer at a Buddhist temple that is being investigated for suspected links to wildlife trafficking and abuse.
Reuters and VICE News
the internet

An Asian Grocer's April Fools' Joke About Panda Meat Seriously Backfired

Honestbee wasn’t actually selling panda, minke whale, or tiger meat. The joke, Honestbee now says, was intended to teach its customers a lesson about “wildlife crime” and “illegal wildlife trade.”
Alex Swerdloff

Cup Noodles' New 'Luxury' Soup Flavors Include Shark Fin and Softshell Turtle

The company is rolling out two new soup flavors for the Japanese market: “Luxury Thickness Shark Fin Soup Flavor” and “Luxury Broth Softshell Turtle Soup Flavor.”
Alex Swerdloff

I Ate Iguana and Venomous Lionfish with New York’s Elite

The Explorer's Club’s famous dinner is reputed to be like something out of Andrew Bergman's The Freshman, with a hearty dash of Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure.
Alex Swerdloff