First Dates

I Went on a First Date with Hayley Kiyoko in a Bowling Alley

The Los Angeles pop singer talks her debut album 'Expectations,' while holding a bowling ball.
Avery Stone

It’s Time to Stop Labeling Our Sexuality

In the queer community, it's all too easy to box ourselves in with labels like "daddy" and "boy." But if we don't break those stereotypes down, we'll never move forward.
Jeff Leavell
Leslie's Diary Comics

'Expectations,' Today's Comic by Leslie Stein

Leslie sees 'Baywatch' with her mom, goes to a bar and gets hit on by younger men, and fantasizes about her ideal life.
VICE Staff
Derrick Rose

"A Chance to Win Every Game": Derrick Rose Is Fluent in Knick

He didn't say they'd win every game, he just meant they have a chance to win every night. Much to the delight of the quick-fix obsessed Knicks.
Robert O'Connell

The Bulls And Derrick Rose Needed To Break Up

It feels like a long time ago that Derrick Rose was the future in Chicago. After years of aimlessness and hope, it was high time for the two to part ways.
John Wilmes
rookies deconstructed

Sturdiness, Loneliness, and Just Enough Magic: D'Angelo Russell Deconstructed

It's hard to remember a rookie season more fraught or steeped in bad vibes than D'Angelo Russell's. Which is a shame, because there's a potential superstar in here.
Ian Levy

Sex Shop Owners Around the World Talk About Their Valentine’s Day Best Sellers

Here's the stuff couples from Canada to Serbia are stocking up on before the most romantic day of the year.
VICE Staff
mental health

A Disappointing Meal Can Change Your Whole Mood

It’s all about expectation. New research published in Food Research International shows that when you take a bite out of something expecting it to be great but it’s not, your mood can entirely shift. And vice versa.
Alex Swerdloff

Examining Life Under Prime Minister Turnbull

For a long time, Malcolm Turnbull has been seen as the people's preferred PM. But is he going to live up to our expectations?
Lee Zachariah
the expectation game

Watching Bryce Harper, Who Is As Great As Advertised

At just 22 years old, Bryce Harper is one of baseball's best players. Given the expectations heaped upon him years ago, this is both expected and something else.
Robert O'Connell

Gareth Bale and the Curse of the Superstar Team

There is no disputing that Bale is an excellent player, but playing for a team like Real Madrid means that will never be good enough.
Colin McGowan

Crate Expectations: Danny Daze

Former B-boy Danny Daze on his first loves: Kris Kross and Donna Lewis.
Danny Daze