experimental metal


Author & Punisher Creates Metal in His Own Twisted Image

The West Coast engineer's metal machine music continues to develop—and darken—on his latest album, 'Beastland.'


Grayceon's New Album Is Head-Spinning Doom With Hella Cello

Stream the experimental San Francisco sludge trio's masterfully complex new album, 'IV'—their first new material in five years.


The Body's New Album Is a Slog Through Electronic Misery

Stream the Portland noise doom duo's impossibly heavy, grindingly miserable new LP for Thrill Jockey, 'I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer.'


The Guide to Getting into Jucifer

Doom/grunge/rock renegades Gazelle Amber Valentine and Edgar Livengood have been in perpetual motion since the 90s; here's where to start with their ear-splitting catalogue.


Chicago Avant-Metal Stalwart Bruce Lamont Is Constantly Experimenting

Stream the musician's dark, nuanced new solo album, 'Broken Limbs Excite No Pity.'


Insect Ark's Take on Metal Is Still a Beautiful Experiment

Stream the Portland-slash-NYC experimental metal duo's new album, 'Marrow Hymns' and read bassist Dana Schechter's thoughts on tough times and guitar-free metal.


Krallice Had a Really Good Year

As the world burned around us, the NYC experimental metal mainstays released the most challenging, essential music of their career.


Immerse Yourself in Eye of Nix's Ghostly Gothic Black Metal Doom

Stream 'Black Somnia,' the absolutely stunning and wholly unique new album from these Seattle experimental metal outliers.


Year of the Cobra Gives Desert Doom a Seattle Twist on 'Burn Your Dead'

Stream the new EP from this fire-breathing, punk-influenced, genre-hopping doom duo, out October 27 via Magnetic Eye Records.


Avant-Garde Black Metallers Fleurety Return with a Stellar New Album

The legendary Norwegian experimental black metal outfit is about to release their first new LP in 17 years—and we're streaming it right here.


Hissing and Sutekh Hexen's Terrifying New Split Will Give You Nightmares

Stream the sonically distressing new collab from these two West Coast purveyors of black metal, death metal, and harsh noise.


Loincloth's Final Album is Instrumental, Evocative, and Kind of Ridiculous

The Celtic Frost-worshipping, GWAR-affiliated, pseudo-Satanic supergroup is dead, but you can listen to their final album right here.