experimental theater


Dancer Defies Gravity Amidst 5,700 Nylon Strings

Like a creature in a spider's web, Kaori Ito is trapped and suspended onstage at BAM.


A Sensory-Distorting Theater Experiment Invades Museum Spaces

Artists Lundahl & Seitl cut off participants' senses while guiding them through art museums.


All-White Photographs Explore Mother-Daughter Chaos

New York-based performance artist and photographer Viky Garcia creates milky, monochrome scenes with her mother.


Who's Afraid of Feminist Fairy Tale Theater?

'The Coward' is a raucous romp for our modern moment.


Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Play Takes a Bushwick Warehouse Back to the 70s

“The Grand Paradise” is a sultry, multi-sensory performance set in a ‘70s tropical resort.


Experimental Operas Might Make the Genre Cool Again

'Hopscotch,' a new experimental opera in Los Angeles, bends every convention of what you thought an "opera" should be—and that's exactly why millennials like it.


Bushwick Theater Offers a Much-Needed Walk on the Wild Side

Talking to Theresa Buchheister, Ryan William Downey, and Scott Reis of Title:Point, Silent Barn's resident theater company.


Cosmonauts and Old Memories Rule Doris Mirescu’s Last Hurrah in NYC

Mirescu's stirring adaptation of Tarkovsky's Solaris is set in an Upper West Side townhouse, blending film and live theater to bring ghosts to life.


[Video] K.K. Barrett and Kid Koala's Theatrical Graphic Novel "Nufonia Must Fall Live"

Our new doc on the genre-mashing "live silent film," including interviews with the creators.