Watching AI Slowly Forget a Human Face Is Incredibly Creepy

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Wasps Are Capable of Basic Logical Reasoning, Study Finds

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NASA Scientists Created a Super-Hot Exoplanet Atmosphere on Earth

A team heated a cloud of gas up to 2,000°F and blasted it with radiation to see what happens on giant planets that orbit very close to their stars.


This Guy Is Sealing Himself in a DIY 'Biodome' to Raise Awareness of Climate Change

“Would be happy to make it a full 24 hours, but we'll see,” Kurtis Baute told Motherboard in an email.


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The Conspiracy Behind 'Three Identical Strangers' Is Beyond Messed Up

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Honey Bees Are the First Insect Known to Grasp the Concept of Zero

By giving bees visual math quizzes, scientists discovered that these insects know a null set when they see one.


If Rich People Are the Variables in ‘Westworld,’ No Wonder the Experiment Sucks

Scientists have warned that disproportionate sampling of wealthy people impacts research results. Delos Incorporated didn’t get the memo.


The Depression Treatment That Worked But Got Rejected by the FDA

“My patients tell me these people are wrong. The data tells me they are wrong. This thing isn’t dead.”


Watch Humans Fail at Being Self-Driving Cars

Where are their helmets?