An Expert Explains How Not to Get Sucked Out a Plane Window

In light of recent news stories, this could (but hopefully won't) come in handy some day.
VICE Staff

Why International Travel Messes with Your Menstrual Cycle

Crossing time zones can send your period into hiding. But why? And where does it actually go? We asked a bona fide period expert.
Jessica Pan

Why Smoking Weed in a Nightclub Sucks

We spoke to an expert to find out why techno and joints are such an ugly pairing.
Josh Baines

Why Exercise Experts Say You Should Spit Out Your Energy Drink

According to new research from exercise physiology researchers at the University of Hertfordshire, you may not need to swallow sports drinks to get their promised energy boost. Swilling the liquid around your mouth could be just as effective.
Phoebe Hurst
we asked a smart person

We Asked a Linguist Why Alex Turner Now Sounds Like an Old Cowboy

Alex Turner's voice now sounds like Sean Bean doing a Bill Clinton impression at gun point first thing in the morning. We wanted to know why.
Dan Wilkinson
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We Asked an Expert If Shoegaze Is Really Making a Comeback

Don’t throw away your reverb pedals and Moose records just yet.
Ash Beks
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I Asked a Doctor Why I Got Goosebumps While Watching the Buzzcocks

Why did my skin pucker-up like a plucked bird all weekend?
Josh Gardiner

We Asked an Expert How to Solve the Calais Migrant Crisis

He told us that letting all the migrants from Calais into the UK would be no big deal, and that sending in the army would be "deeply shameful."
Amber Roberts
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We Asked a Van Halen Expert about Their Reunion Performance on Jimmy Kimmel

He talks about that whole broken nose thing, Wolfie on bass, DLR in a body suit....
Greg Renoff

A Munitions Expert Weighs in on Last Month's Chemical Attacks in Damascus

Independent munitions expert Eliot Higgins, a.k.a. "Brown Moses," has put forward a particularly convincing case linking the regime to the sarin gas attacks, which corroborates firmly with the information gathered by NGOs and the intelligence agencies...
Oz Katerji
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The "Expert"
Peter Bagge