expiration dates


This Guy Spent a Year Eating Expired Food and Didn't Die

In addition to way-past-date yogurt and tortillas, he also ate recalled romaine to prove his point about food waste.


Family Unknowingly Buys, Eats Box of Cereal from Walmart that Expired in 1997

In other words, this cereal expired one month before 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' premiered on TV and six months before Princess Diana died.


How a 14-Year-Old Carton of Expired Milk Became Part of My Friend's Family

Milk has a birthday party every year, a loving adopted family, and beef with the Guinness Book of World Records. Oh, and he survived Katrina.


Inspectors Discover Chicken that Expired in 2011 Still for Sale in Supermarket

For perspective, the chicken meat's sell-by date was during Obama's first term, almost two years before 'Nothing Was the Same' dropped. Hungry?


How Bad is it to Eat Expired Food if it Still Smells Okay?

That expiration date isn't the boss of you.


Al Capone and the Short, Confusing History of Expiration Dates

It's been a long and weird road.


America Is Finally Getting Food Expiration Labels That Will Make Sense

If you still rely on the smell test—because arbitrary "best by" dates still leave you wondering whether you'll die from eating that three-week-old sour cream—you’re not alone.


A New Danish Supermarket Chain Will Sell Only Dented or Expired Food

Food will cost about 30 to 50 percent less than at a regular supermarket. And yes, it will be safe to eat. Sometimes age ain't nothin' but an expiration date.