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Expressionism, Now with Added Black

"LA is like death in the sunshine." Even when he's being "optimistic," German painter André Butzer can't keep his dark side in check for long. But returning to the city after a lengthy break, the artist has made positive use of his impulse to destroy.
Michael Slenske

Rashid Johnson Turns to Color as a Respite From Politics

The celebrated artist turns from his own explorations of race and controversy to curate a vibrant exhibition at Rental Gallery.
Antwaun Sargent
music video

The Steoples' New Music Video Is Like an Animated Expressionist Painting

"From The Otherside” is the latest from The Steoples, a collaborative new project from Stones Throw Records.
Nathaniel Ainley

Bernard Buffet’s Existentialist Paintings Will Definitely Bum You Out

Post-war paintings of a personal world of angst.
Anna Marks
abstract expressionism

[Premiere] The Forgotten Master Who Brawled With Jackson Pollock

A new video by Sotheby's profiles Abstract Expressionist Roy Newell, a largely unknown character of the art world.
Kara Weisenstein
new york art week

Celebrating the Birth of Expressionism at a New York City Art Show

Galerie St. Etienne is showing 18 pieces of early Expressionist art in their booth at the Park Avenue Armory this weekend.
Diana Shi
studio visits

Jacob Felländer's Breaking Photography | Studio Visits

The mixed-media photographer talks Einstein, virtual realities, and the artistic beauty of making mistakes.
Emerson Rosenthal

See van Gogh's France Become Stunning Digital Abstractions

Quayola's digital paintings 'Pleasant Places' blur the boundaries between representation and reality.
Kevin Holmes
the vice reader

Nell Zink's Plan for World Domination

We met with the suddenly prominent 'Mislaid' author for a frank talk about money, sex, marriage, and the Great American Novel.
Jennifer Schaffer