Extra Scenes


Better Than Viagra: Colombia's Impotence Home Remedy

With miners using mercury in illegal gold mines, Colombia’s gold rush has led to some side effects on the population, including erectile dysfunction.


Treating PTSD in Ukraine: Hero’s Companion

With Ukraine’s ability to care for its veterans’ psychological trauma severely lacking, NGOs have stepped in to fill the treatment gap.


Ukraine's Foreign Fighters Battle for Citizenship

Foreign fighters who fought on the side of the Ukrainians during the war with Russian-backed separatists are now fighting for citizenship in Ukraine.


Cuffed Without Cause (Extra Scene from 'Driving While Black')

VICE News meets Jason Castle, a prominent community member in Teaneck New Jersey, who recounts his own experience with New Jersey law enforcement.


The Paramedics Responding to Attacks in East Jerusalem

In this extra scene from 'Digital Intifada,' VICE News meets a paramedic who has attended the aftermath of dozens of the attacks and describes the scene after three bus passengers were fatally stabbed and shot in East Jerusalem in October 2015.


Arrested Ringleader Nets Police $32 Million of Fake Bills

In this extra scene from 'Lima's Fake Dollars,' VICE News meets the ringleader of a counterfeit bill operation who was arrested along with more than 100 million forged Peruvian soles, worth $32 million.


Putting Faith Before Family (Extra Scene From 'Families on the Front Line')

In this extra scene from 'Families on the Front Line,' VICE News filmmaker Medyan Dairieh interviews an al-Nusra fighter who explains how his faith comes before his family and describes what it is like to leave his children for battle.


Inside the Lab that Tracks Jihadist Terror Threats

VICE News visits a lab in Israel that analyzes instructions for making improvised explosive devices that are hosted on jihadlist online forums, in order to provide intelligence on potential terrorist threats.


Jewish Leaders in Paris Speak of Community in Fear

In this extra scene from 'Europe's Jewish Exodus,' VICE News heads to Paris, to speak with representatives from the Jewish community about a reported rise in anti-Semitism in the French capital.


The Deadly Journey From Libya's Migrant Jails

VICE News teamed up with MSF, also known as Doctors Without Borders, to document its search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean. In this extra scene, we speak with rescued refugees and migrants about the desperate situation they fled in Libya.


Displaced in Libya (Extra Scene from 'Libya's Quiet War')

VICE News heads to remote southwest Sahara, where members of the indigenous Tuareg tribe have fled from fighting in the nearby oasis town of Ubari.


Campaigns Vs. Super PACs: Spot the Difference (Extra Scene from ‘Gunning for New Hampshire’)

In this extra scene, Dan Weeks from Open Democracy shows VICE News the subtle differences between official campaign advertising and those funded by Super PACs.