extrajudicial killings


Duterte is "old" and needs “to rest” after killing all those drug suspects

Duterte plans to step down early, two years before his six-year term ends.


Duterte drops f-bomb on EU over criticism of Philippines drug war

President Rodrigo Duterte wagged his middle finger in the air and said, "Fuck you" to the European Union over a request to halt the killing of drug suspects.


Mexico Is Failing Its Citizens on Human Rights, UN Commissioner Says During Visit

The UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights slammed Mexico's record on abuses, torture, and illegal executions, saying 'I wish everyone could meet' victims of state violence in the country.


El Salvador Journalists Fear for Their Lives After Accusing Police of a Massacre

Three investigative reporters have received death threats after claiming that El Salvador’s National Civil Police shot eight people in an extrajudicial killing.


Mexican Soldiers Had Orders to Kill in the Darkness in Tlatlaya Massacre, Report Says

A year after 22 people were shot by Mexican troops in a shed, a new human-rights report suggests the killings were planned in advance, obeying orders to shot "in the darkness, since the majority of crimes happen during those hours."


Mexico Is Stonewalling Attempts to Interview Soldiers in Case of the Missing 43, Panel Says

Nine months since the Ayotzinapa disappearances, a top-notch panel says Mexico's government is preventing them from gathering testimonies from infantry troops who might have been involved in the attacks.


'False Positives': How Colombia’s Army Executed Civilians And Called Them Guerrillas

Facing pressure to boost its battlefield figures under former President Alvaro Uribe, Colombia's army lured and executed at least 3,000 civilians and notched them as combat kills, according to a new Human Rights Watch report.


‘It Was the Feds’: How Mexico’s Federal Police Slaughtered At Least 16 Civilians in Michoacan

Former rural police officers were protesting their disbanding and lack of pay when Mexican federal police stormed their encampment and proceeded to execute at least 16 people, according to this special report.


Mexico's Government Is Brushing Off Report of Another State Massacre of Unarmed Civilians

After the missing 43 and the massacre at Tlatlaya, the country is now facing a third likely state-led mass killing in less than a year. A journalist says federal police killed 16 civilians in Apatzingan, Michoacan.