Extraordinary Rendition

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Ex-CIA Officer Facing Imprisonment Says Hillary Clinton Is Partially to Blame

Sabrina De Sousa faces possible jail time for an unlawful CIA rendition that she says she wasn't involved in — and she says as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton did nothing to help her.
Katie Engelhart and Jason Leopold
Hillary Clinton

The CIA Officer Left Behind by Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Ignored a CIA officer's plea for help. Now, Sabrina De Sousa may be jailed in Italy for her role in an unlawful CIA rendition she claims wasn’t involved in.
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Italy Has to Pay $127,000 to a CIA Rendition Victim and His Wife

Thirteen years after fiery Muslim cleric Abu Omar was abducted from a street in Milan and rendered to Egypt, the European Court of Human Rights awarded him damages.
Jason Leopold
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Former CIA Officer Detained in Europe While Trying to Clear Her Name in Rendition Case

Sabrina De Sousa had her passport confiscated while trying to leave Portugal this week, and now waits to hear whether she'll be extradited to Italy to serve a 5-year prison sentence.
Jason Leopold
United Kingdom

Diego Garcia: UK Delays Publication of Flight Records Which May Hold Truth About CIA Activities

A senior Bush administration official told VICE News in January that the agency did hold prisoners at a US base on the British Indian Ocean territory. But the UK continues to stall on releasing the logs.
Ben Bryant

The Lawyer Who Went from Fighting for Guantánamo Bay Inmates to Going After Shady Banks

Josh Denbeaux takes on cases most attorneys would consider lost causes. When I asked him why, he said, "Well, I don't lose."
David Dayen
torture report

UK Requests for Torture Report Redactions Were Justified, MPs Find

A UK Parliament committee says that requests by UK intelligence for redactions in the report's executive summary were justified on the basis of national security.
Ben Bryant

UK Still Refuses to Answer Questions About Lobbying US over Torture Report

A refusal to disclose the nature of trans-Atlantic discussions over redactions to Senate Intelligence Committee report is fueling concerns over British complicity in the CIA torture program.
Ben Bryant

Exclusive: CIA Interrogations Took Place on British Territory of Diego Garcia, Senior Bush Administration Official Says

It is the first time a senior Bush administration official has stated on the record that the remote island, leased by the UK to the US since the 1960s, was a part of the CIA's global network of black sites.
Ben Bryant and Rupert Stone
united states

Security Heightened at US Embassies Ahead of CIA Torture Report Release

A White House spokesperson has said there are indications of a greater risk to US facilities around the world.
Ben Bryant

Man Allegedly Tortured by UK and US for Nearly a Decade Wins Right to Sue Britain

A Pakistani man who claims he was illegally detained and tortured by British forces in Iraq has won the right to sue the UK government over his ordeal.
Ben Bryant

Track the CIA's Secret Rendition Flights With a New Interactive Map

Over the years, the rendition program has encountered stiff resistance, though never enough to stop it. The Rendition Project, based in the UK, hopes to change that. Or, at the very least, keep it in the public eye.
DJ Pangburn