Sorry, That Blunt-Shaped Interstellar Object Was Not an Alien Spaceship

While an alien explanation for 'Omuamua can't be ruled out, a new study concludes it is more likely natural in origin.
Becky Ferreira

Aliens Might Notice Us if We Shot a Giant Laser at Them, Study Says

Two emerging technologies could be combined to produce a powerful infrared signal that could be spotted from distant planets, according to research in The Astrophysical Journal.
Becky Ferreira

Scientists Design a ‘Template’ for Plant Life on Alien Worlds

“Once we figure out, or I hope we figure out, that we are not alone in the universe, the connection to the cosmos is just going to be even stronger.”
Becky Ferreira

A politician who swears she was abducted by aliens is running for Congress

Alexa Liautaud
vegan food

This Alien Expert Says Eating Vegan Food Is Best to Attract 'Sky Beings'

To celebrate the CIA officially releasing a peek into their 'X-Files,' we talked about Reptilians, chemtrails, and kombucha tea with Laura Eisenhower—a medical astrologist, global alchemist, cosmic mythologist, and the great-granddaughter of President...
Javier Cabral

If We Want to Find Aliens, We Should Search for the Ones Searching for Us

A paper published today in Astrobiology details a new strategy for seeking out intelligent life.
Kaleigh Rogers

‘No Bigger Question’: Yuri Milner Has Launched a Search for Aliens With Stephen Hawking at His Side

Milner, the Russian tycoon, has pledged $100 million for the search. But Hawking warned that we should be cautious if we do find anyone, since sophisticated aliens "may not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria.”
Arthur White

This Moon Is the Best New Candidate for Alien Life in Our Solar System

No, it's not Europa.
Maddie Stone
Motherboard Blog

The Bond That Matures Upon Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life

With the money it pays when we find aliens, you could buy your own bunker to prepare for the invasion.
Ben Richmond
Motherboard Blog

Scientists Are Looking for Aliens from the Dark Side of the Moon

A $100 million mission could land a radio telescope on the moon by 2018.
Daniel Stuckey