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Scientists Find Evidence of Water on Potentially Habitable ‘Super-Earth’

K2-18b is the "best candidate" to host alien life outside the solar system.
Becky Ferreira
mars rovers

A Rover Named After DNA Pioneer Rosalind Franklin is Headed for Mars in 2020

“This name reminds us that it is in the human genes to explore.”
Becky Ferreira
The Most Unknown

Tiny Organisms in Earth’s Most Unlivable Places May Help Us Find Alien Life

Luke McKay, an astrobiologist and microbial ecologist, is probing the extreme limits of life on Earth to answer bigger questions about the universe.
Sarah Emerson
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Stop Saying 'Humans Suck' Because of Climate Change, Says Astrobiologist

Adam Frank’s new book Light of the Stars explores how the search for intelligent alien life in the universe can help humans combat climate change on Earth.
Becky Ferreira

How the Building Blocks of Life Can Form in Space

Researchers demonstrated how cosmic radiation interacts with matter to create the building blocks of life in the harsh environment of outer space.
Daniel Oberhaus

Guy Killed by Alien in 'Alien' Now Believes He's Seen Real Aliens

"I really don't care whether anyone thinks I'm delusional."
Noel Ransome

An Alien-Hunting Submarine Is Being Tested in Antarctica

A look at the amazing photos and stunning science from the ARTEMIS mission in Antarctica.
Daniel Oberhaus
Goodbye Milky Way

Ultra-Cool Dwarf Stars May Host Planets With Ultra-Cool Life

By looking for systems with smaller and cooler stars, scientists discovered TRAPPIST-1a, the most promising candidate for alien life so far.
Michaël Gillon

Massive Telescope Will Be Upgraded to Study the Nearest Exoplanets to Earth

Proxima b is the closest known exoplanet to our solar system. Now the Very Large Telescope will look for its neighbors.
Becky Ferreira

How Water Bears and Gardening on Mars Could Save Us from Extinction

A fascinating new book by an astrobiologist sheds light on the search for extraterrestrial life.
Rachel Riederer

Who Needs a Sun? Alien Life Could Survive Off of Cosmic Rays

We might not need to look for a “Goldilocks” planet after all.
Kaleigh Rogers
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked Alien Experts Who They'd Want as President if UFOs Landed

The president of the United States normally has a lot of responsibility, but if aliens arrive, he or she could end up deciding the literal fate of humanity.
Mike Pearl