The Nazi-Free Alternative to Twitter Is Now Home to the Biggest Far Right Social Network

Gab, which has been used frequently by neo-Nazi terror groups to organize and recruit, is now the biggest node on the Mastodon network.


The Alt-Right’s Love Affair with Trump Is Over. Here’s Why.

During the “Salute to America,” the alt-right was discussing “The Little Mermaid.”


After Facebook and Web Host Bans, Far-Right Extremists Are Encrypting and Going IRL

Like ISIS, white nationalist extremist groups are feeling the pinch of internet shutdowns, but are organizing on encrypted channels and meeting up IRL.


The far-right AfD’s call for “Islam-free schools” is reminding Germans of Nazi propaganda

“If you don't see fascism, you just don't want to see it.”


Asking Jihadists Why They Hate Us

'I Was Told to Come Alone' chronicles a veteran reporter's encounters with some of the world's most deadly militants.


Can Extremist-Only Prison Units Prevent Radicalization?

Last month, it was revealed that the UK's most dangerous convicted extremists will be kept in special high-security units in order to prevent them from spreading their ideologies to other inmates.


​Former Extremists Tell Us How and Why They Left Fanaticism Behind

We spoke to men who fought for the Irish Republican Army and Ulster Volunteer Force, a former National Front member, and a man who was once involved in violent jihad.


A Vegan Cafe Was Attacked by Sausage-Wielding Extremists

A vegan restaurant located in the historic center of Tbilisi, Georgia, was attacked by meat-wielding ultranationalists.


A Vegan Cafe Was Attacked by Meat-Wielding Neo-Nazis

Around 15 people showed up at the Kiwi Café in Tbilisi, Georgia, brandishing meat skewers and violently throwing meat at its patrons.


Not Every Mass Murderer Is Insane, Study Says

Some people just have "extreme overvalued beliefs," apparently.