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How to Not Get Killed by Beach Umbrellas, According to a Guy Who Would Know

Ed Quigley, who lost his left eye to a flying umbrella in 2015, now runs Beach Umbrella Safety, a blog dedicated to helping others avoid such a fate.
Alex Norcia
Neuro Trip

Your Eye Twitches Can Be Explained by Science, Sort Of

I really seriously want to know if there’s something wrong with me.
Tracey Anne Duncan
Unscrewing Ourselves

The Weird Way You Can Get an STD in Your Eye

And we don’t mean from a wayward squirt.
Matthew Terrell
thump news

Stream Adult Swim's New Compilation Featuring Unrelased Arca, Pharmakon, and Merzbow

'N O I S E' is out now on Williams Street Records.
Alexander Iadarola

Watch a Tribute to Hitchcock's Terrifying Close-Ups

You'll never forget these famous faces.
Beckett Mufson

A Tattoo Artist Explains Why She Got Her Eyeballs Inked

Ten years in medicine has made me weary of anything dangerous, especially eye tattoos. So I sat down with my recently inked friend to hear her perspective on the new body modification fad.
Matilda Whitworth

Into the Dark

The first Canadian trials of an experimental treatment are aiming to cure a genetic disorder that causes blindness.
Jordan Pearson

Stephen Colbert Collaborates with JR (and May Be Banksy)

Before signing off, The Colbert Report host "let slip" his secret identity before revealing a massive mural of his own eye, courtesy of JR.
The Creators Project
Motherboard Blog

Unlucky Woman Grows Bones in Her Eyelid, Thanks to Stem Cell Cosmetics

Stem cells are cool, but still being tested. Don't end up like this lady.
Austin Considine

Thames Valley Police Endorse Worst Anti-Crime Song Ever

"Eye For An Eye" the anti-violence 'grime' track, backed by the police...seriously.

Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - Look Deep into My Eye

I'd had close to no sex when I got to college. My penis had been inside a couple of girls, but I didn't really know what to do with it and I could have been charitably described as "very awful" at making and/or doing sex. So at NYU, I made a concerted...
Rob Delaney