eye tracking


The Eyes Are the Prize: Eye-Tracking Technology Is Advertising's Holy Grail

Bundled into VR headsets or AR glasses, eye tracking will enable companies to collect your intimate and unconscious responses to real-world cues.


Meteorologists Are Using Eye-Tracking Tech to Improve Weather Forecasting

NOAA Forecasters will be able to sift through more data faster after reviewing their own eye patterns.


‘Eye Conductor’ Helps the Physically Disabled Write Music With Facial Movements

This interactive design project helps the disabled gain access to creative expression.


A Startup Wants to Use Eye Tracking to Detect If Syrian Refugees Are Terrorists

Converus has been pitching its EyeDetect software in Washington as a potential solution to fears about Syrian and Iraqi emigres.


Watch This Robot Paint a Picture Based on Someone’s Eye Movements

Its eye-tracking software translates thought to action.


Scientists Are Simulating Life After Driverless Cars

And as usual, human nature is the biggest problem.


Graham Fink Is Drawing with His Eyes

At the Riflemaker Gallery in London, you can watch the artist create eye-tracked figurative portraits.


Five Artists Predict What's Next for 2015

Here's five digital art trends that you might be seeing a lot of this year.


Science Weighs in On Whether You Should Shut Up When Looking At Art

Pontificators of the world, unite and take over.


An Eye-Tracking Menu Made Me Question My Vegetarianism

According to Pizza Hut’s “subconscious” menu, what I really crave is a Meat Feast.


Where Your Eyes Go When You Look at a Website

It's like a peephole into the human psyche.