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Boeing Didn't Want to Ground the 737 MAX Even After Pilots Urged Them To

Audio from a November meeting revealed American Airlines pilots confronting Boeing executives over a lack of aggressive action to fix the planes.
Tim Marcin
Boeing crashes

The Boeing crashes are becoming a bigger problem for Trump's White House

President Donald Trump and members of his Cabinet could even become involved.
Emma Ockerman
737 Max 8 Crashes

Here's what we know about the trouble Boeing is in over the Max 8

The plane manufacturer reportedly may have bungled its own safety assessment during the certification process
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Here's why the U.S. waited to ground the Boeing planes

Some experts suggest that the FAA’s close links to the airline industry make it look like the delay was politically influenced.
David Gilbert
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Trump is grounding the Boeing 737 Max jets

The EU, China, Argentina, Mexico, Mongolia, Turkey, Singapore, and virtually every other nation that flies the planes had already grounded the Max 8
Rex Santus
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Flights are delayed at LaGuardia because of the government shutdown

Other airports across the East Coast are experiencing delays as well, although the reasons are unclear.
Emma Ockerman
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These air traffic controllers took to the Capitol to demand the government reopen

The shutdown has now cost hundreds of thousands of federal workers their paychecks, and there's no solution in sight
Shawna Thomas
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A Southwest Plane Made an Emergency Landing After Window Cracked Mid-Flight

Less than a month after an engine exploded on another Southwest plane.
Allie Conti
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Navy Pilot Drew This Giant Dick in the Sky

"We find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value."
Drew Schwartz

Inside the Most Exclusive High-Powered Rocketry Event in America

Each year in the Nevada desert, BALLS takes amateur rocketry back to its homebrewed, experimental roots.
Daniel Oberhaus

FOIA: How Police Convinced the FAA to Put a No Fly Zone Over Standing Rock

"We need to ensure the movement of law enforcement trying to protect the innocent is not being broadcast live by the use of drones."
Jason Koebler & Sarah Emerson
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Drone Hackers Are Pissed at the Guy Who Flew Near an Airliner

“Ruining the hobby for everyone.”
Ben Sullivan