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Neo-Nazi Arrested After Threatening to Kidnap Woman on Facebook and Saying He Wanted to Kill All Hispanics

“I will stop at nothing until you, your family, your friends, your entire WORTHLESS LATIN RACE IS RACIALLY EXTERMINATED,” he allegedly wrote on Facebook.
Tess Owen
4 days ago
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Why Do We Need So Many Different Messaging Apps?

Slack, Signal, Hangouts, Wire, iMessage, Telegram, Facebook Messenger. Why do we need so many apps to do one thing?
Owen Williams
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Facebook Promises Not to Secretly Delete More of Zuckerberg's Messages For Now

People will soon be able to get rid of their old Facebook messages, the company announced.
Sarah Emerson
What Is it?

Facebook Is Testing a Feature That Looks an Awful Lot Like Tinder

I got to try it out.
Jacob Dubé

Become Takashi Murakami Art with This Facebook Messenger Filter

Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art teams up with Facebook to bring Murakami to the masses.
B. David Zarley
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A Donald Trump Messaging Bot Is One Company's Attempt to Get Out the Vote

Just don't ask the bot to release its tax returns.
Monica Rodriguez
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Duo Is the Cross-Platform Video Calling App Google Should Have Made Years Ago

Hangouts tried, but Duo could be the easiest way to make video calls between Android and iPhone.
Nicholas Deleon

Why It's Harder To Encrypt Facebook Messenger Than WhatsApp

It’s not as easy as a flip of a switch.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
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How a Bot Convinced Me to Stop Buying Junk on Amazon

Facebook Messenger bot MyKai hooks into your bank account to help you better understanding your spend habits.
Nicholas Deleon

People Can’t Tell What Apps Use Encryption, And Don’t Really Care, Study Finds

Do people care about encryption when choosing and using messaging apps?
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

I Can’t Wait to Get All My Content from a Chatbot

Even though I’m not a teenager, I decided to download Kik and interact with some brands.
Carles Buzz

Facebook Wants Messenger to Be the Only App You Use

There's an app for that, and it's always Facebook Messenger.
Rachel Pick