facial tracking


This Emotion Detector Wants to Cheer Up Your Web Browsing Experience

Here's a Chrome Extension that wants to make sure your internet experience is good vibes-only.


A Woman's Face Becomes an Evolving Cybernetic Surface

The design and animation studio Ouchhh return with a real-time face projection mapping work.


Delightful Facial Tracker Turns Smiles into Music

Artist and musician Ben Vida experiments with sonification in his new exhibition '[SMILE ON.] ... [PAUSE] ... [SMILE OFF.]'


Tracking Software Turns Fluid into Fizzing Forms [Premiere]

In the music video for Bunki's "Daniel," artist Manstrem tracks images, turning the data into images in their own right.


Your Eyes Make Music with This Face-Tracking Production App

People living with disabilities will soon have a new way of making music using their eyes, thanks to Andreas Refsgaard’s 'Eye Conductor.'


This Software Can Plaster Someone Else’s Facial Expressions Onto Your Face

It could also be manipulated to make a target look like they’re saying something they’re not.


Marshmallows, Vodka Syringes, and Lasers, Oh My

Marshmallow Laser Feast's 'Laser Face' installation turns masticating facial expressions into an audiovisual performance.


Projection Mapping Revives the Greek God Apollo

The ancient god of music, poetry, and prophesy comes to life thanks to French digital art studio BK.


Face Tracking Tech Lets This Artwork Stare at You

Ivor Diosi's award-winning 'The Qualia' series imagines artworks as having "perception of their own."


Projection Mapped Makeup Transforms Men into Beasts

Using real-time facial tracking and 3D projection mapping, Omote hacks two men's faces, turning them into into robots and wild animals.