'The Factory That Ate Kids,' Today's Comic by Stephen Maurice Graham

When a new factory pops up in a rundown town, locals believe it will help until kids start disappearing.


It May Be Time to Kiss Necco's Candy Sweethearts Goodbye

America's "oldest continuously operating candy company" may lay off most of its workforce if it doesn't find a buyer by May.


This Taiwanese factory is helping Apple use more recycled metals

Taiwan's recycling programs are some of the most advanced in the world. But the country's political isolation means that no one really knows about it.


Skating a Full Pipe with Fred Gall

On the first episode of 'Can You Skate It?,' the pro skater took VICE to an abandoned, DIY ramp in the middle of New Jersey.​


'Scandal Factory,' Today's Comic by Zane Zlemeša

Find out where scandals are created, sensationalized, and pushed to the masses.


'Shramp Bums,' Today's Comic by Brian Blomerth

Using astral projection, Yorna helps Scramp hatch a revenge plot to stop a corporation from stealing his shrimp hot dog recipe.


This Chinese Town Manufactures Almost Everything ‘Made in China’

Photographer Raffaele Petralla captures scenes from Yiwu, China, the largest small commodities market in the world.


Turns Out, Building a Sausage Factory on a Former Nazi Labor Camp Isn't the Best Idea

Heirs to the original landowners are now challenging the legality of the sale to the sausage company.


Hundreds of Artists Designed a Wondrous Mini-Golf Course in Minnesota | #50StatesofArt

Take a look inside this art-infused amusement park in St. Paul.


Robots Will Take Two-Thirds of All Jobs In the Developing World, UN Says

She who has the most robots wins.


You Probably Shouldn't Eat Brown Acid but You Should Definitely Listen to 'Brown Acid'

LA label Riding Easy Records and Permanent Records provide a compilation that's a trip (heh) down memory lane. Listen to some 60s-70s proto-metal and stoner now.