Gluten Is Perfectly Fine for the Vast Majority of People

There’s almost no proof that going gluten-free will do the average person any favors.
Markham Heid

We Asked Tattoo Artists About the Weirdest Pop-Culture Ink They've Done

"There was this one woman who was obsessed with Enrique Iglesias... so she came and got his signature tattooed across her arm."
Ebony-Renee Baker
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Russians Think Fidget Spinners Are the New Opiate of the Masses

Spinners are likely a "form of hypnosis" being used to "zombify" people, according to a Russian news report.
River Donaghey
Go Goop Yourself

A Former Naturopath Told Us How She Sold a Detox Scam

Britt Hermes is a former naturopath who recently blogged about how easy it was to convince people to buy unnecessary detox regimens.
Kaleigh Rogers

People Tell Us About the Dumbest Trends and Fads from Their Schools

"People at my high school allegedly shoved Cheetos up their asses. I was a non-conformist though."
Justin Caffier

Probiotics Are Useless, GMOs Are Fine, and Gluten Is Necessary

A roster of nutrition-myth-busting studies were published this week.
Kaleigh Rogers
the paleo diet

Should You Feed Your Paleo Baby Raw Liver?

Iris and Leon Benedens are two German parents who follow the Paleo lifestyle. They think that their infant daughter can benefit just as much as they do from a grain-free diet that's heavy on animal protein, including offal.
Lukas Wohner

Artichoke Water Is Not as Horrifyingly Disgusting as It Sounds

No, I'm not about to tell you that artichoke water is "the next" anything, especially not the next coconut water. But this niche beverage, for all of its quirk in a sea of snake oil, actually tastes pretty damn good.
Amanda Arnold

Fad Nutrition Gives Consumers a Fake Sense of Health

Cool gluten-free french fries, consumer.
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

What It's Like to Be Tumblr Famous

You know how a regular person sees the internet as “just this thing” they use for maybe two or three hours a day? That’s how I feel about real life.
Johannah King-Slutzky
Motherboard Blog

Brides Are Now Eating Through Their Noses: 'Diet' is Just 'Die' With a T

Months of winter _forcing_ you to chow down on 'comfort food' making you feel like Violet Beauregarde? You're in luck: now you can just eat through your nose.
Trevor Macomber