Fair Trade


Most Baristas Still Don't Make a Living Wage

Cole McBride is literally the best barista in America. He makes $14/hour. We spoke to him about the industry's one major blind spot.
Gowri Chandra

Plantains Are Cheap for Everyone But the People Who Pick Them

Despite their deliciousness and popularity throughout Latin cuisine, it's near-impossible to find organic or fair-trade plantains in stores, and the reasons why are sketchy at best.
Alicia Kennedy
geek dreams

The ‘Fair Trade’ Smartphone Now Has an Upgradeable, Modular Camera

We all know that’s the main reason to upgrade.
Kaleigh Rogers
What Is the iPhone?

Ethical Smartphone Startup Fairphone Wants Apple to Steal Its Idea

In many ways, Fairphone is more of an advocacy group than a tech company.
Kaleigh Rogers

Millennials Are Very ‘Emotional’ About Buying Coffee

A recent online survey, which looked at more than 900 millennials’ coffee buying habits, found that coffee is about way more than just beans and price.
Nick Rose

This Is the Fair Trade Footwear You've Been Waiting For

French company Veja turn fish-farmed tilapia skin, recycled rubber, fair trade canvas, and recycled plastic bottles into bold sneakers.
Emerson Rosenthal

Beyond Vivienne Westwood: When Designers Become Activists

The tips, tricks, and secrets we learned from talking to Miki Agrawal and Céline Semaan Vernon at AIGA NY's "Beyond Vivienne Westwood: Fashion brands that are changing the world."
Sami Emory

Tony Abbott Doesn't Understand Nazis

If his suggestion that ISIS is worse because they display their atrocities, and the Nazis were somehow better by keeping them hidden, we can surmise Abbott is more concerned with appearance than with deed.
Lee Zachariah

Organic and Fair Trade Foods Might Be Tricking You Into Thinking they Taste Better

According to a recent study, food labels touting terms like organic and fair trade might be tricking you into thinking that your rich, dark chocolate bar tastes extra heavenly, but that's a dirty ruse.
Jessica Scott-Reid

I Accidentally Started a Vegan Bakery That Turned My Life Upside Down

Rude awakenings are par for the course when one tries to professionalize a passion, and it seems like when food is your passion, they’re even ruder.
Alicia Kennedy
hospital food

RIP UK Hospital Food As We Know It (Hopefully)

Will Britain's health secretary Jeremy Hunt's new, legally-binding measures really change the piss-poor state of food in NHS hospitals?
Eleanor Morgan