Last Call

Last Call: Bella Haig Has Kept Punks, Hippies, and Movie Stars in Line at Canter's Deli for 50 Years

Plus: Haig reveals which Guns n’ Roses member has the most beautiful handwriting!
Eduardo L. Perro

This Chef Is Taking Hand-Crafted Japanese Food to the Next Level

Brandon Gray is a renaissance chef-turned-fishmonger at LA's Cape Seafood and Provisions. Instead of settling on store-bought katsuobushi like many others, he is making it in-house and the result is crazy delicious.
Javier Cabral

These Chefs Are Using Their Plant-Based Lifestyles to Inspire Them in the Kitchen

For omnivorous chefs, does switching to a plant-based diet mean ending their careers, which often demands that they taste dishes that contain meat, eggs, and dairy?
Javier Cabral

Why Cooking Is the Best Way to Practice Zen Buddhism

I drove 800 miles to attend a private cooking workshop hosted by Zen chef and cookbook author, Edward Espe Brown. We made olive oil bread, kale salad, asparagus timbales, and a rhubarb-strawberry tart.
Javier Cabral
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My 15 Milliseconds of Fame: I Went to an Art Gallery to Draw My Way into Jack Ü and Justin Bieber's "Where Are Ü Now" Video

The video for Jack Ü and Justin Bieber's "Where Are Ü Now" involves 24,000 pieces of art, and one writer was determined to contribute one of them.
Jazper Abellera

Tim Wilson Is Trying To Give You a Freedom You Don’t Want Or Need

Not sure why but Australia's Human Rights Commissioner is fighting for the n-word
Lee Zachariah