Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In 121

VICE's art editor took a trip to the Comic Arts Brooklyn convention, which he said isn't as sad and embarrassing as other comic conventions.
Nick Gazin

Carnival Rides Become Geometric Light Paintings in Long-Exposure Photos

Photographer Roger Vail has been making carnivals his photographic bread-and-butter since 1971 and shows no sign of stopping.
Andrew Nunes
art fairs

Modernism, Voyeurism, and a Sentient Parrot: Highlights from Dubai Art Week 2017

From Sharjah Biennial to Art Dubai, a week of exploring the Gulf’s art capital.
Kat Herriman

9 Eye-Grabbing Works from Untitled, San Francisco

Exhibitors from all over the world converge on San Francisco for Untitled, Art.
Kelsey Lannin

Fear and Loathing at One of America's Oldest Agricultural Fairs

Agricultural fairs once allowed farmers to engage in the fruitful exchange of information and innovation. Now they're just an excuse to gorge on fried dough and overpay for worthless crap.
Terrence Doyle

Our 11 Favorite Works from the Dallas Art Fair

From all-too-realistic babies, to not-so-superflat Murakamis, here are our selects from this year's Dallas Art Fair.
Emerson Rosenthal

Harlem's Freshest New Art Fair Is All About Growth

Just a train ride uptown, a thriving world of art awaits.
Katherine Tarpinian

Mazes, Massage Chairs, & More: New York's Frieze Fair Is All About Interactive Art

This year's edition of the famous art fair is filled with works you have to experience IRL to believe.
Kate Messinger

From Virtual Wallpapers to Emoji Gardens, We Explored Digital Art at Miami Art Week

Check out highlights from the PULSE, NADA, Untitled, and Hypersalon fairs this past week in Miami.
Benoit Palop

Randal Levenson: 'In Search of the Monkey Girl'

Randal Levenson's series <em>In Search of the Monkey Girl</em> is now on view at La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, Canada, so we sat down with Levenson to talk about his days on the road, getting to know sideshow freaks, and being able to photograph who...
Adam Barbu

You'll Never Forget Your First Time at One of Romania's Glamorous Fairgrounds

I first took photographs at a Romanian fairground in 2008, in the city of Rosiorii de Vede. I hung out with the people who make their living from following the fair: merchants, grill masters, and craftsmen, all of whom were covered in a mixture of...
Ioana Moldovan
Motherboard Blog

This Double Bacon Corn Dog Could Be from Rocko's Modern Life

Ahh, county fair season. It's that special time of summer when you skull back a case of whatever beer comes in camo cans, stuff a wad of Skoal in your lip, and wander the puke-soaked sawdust discussing the varying grades of meth with carnies and eating...
Derek Mead