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the darkness

Mike Patton’s the Best Rock Star to Have Ever Rolled Into Video Games

The Faith No More frontman lit up 'The Darkness,' now celebrating its 10th anniversary.
Mike Diver

Loud Love: Soundgarden and the Heyday of Alternative Metal

Grunge often gets called the nail in the coffin of 80s hair metal, but if that’s the case, alternative metal built the coffin.
Jason Heller
thump news

Boards of Canada Share Their First Official Remix in Almost a Decade

They've taken on "Mr. Mistake", a track by Doseone, TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe, and Mike Patton's band Nevermen.
Alexander Iadarola

Kill Your Demons in Faith No More's New Video for "Separation Anxiety"

As manic as ever.
John Hill
Festivals 2015

All the Coolest Stuff We Saw at Riot Fest, Illustrated

Bootsy Collins, GWAR, and De La Soul were among the many highlights we captured in ink for your viewing pleasure.
Brian Butler

Faith No More Played a Secret Club Show in LA Last Night, and We Interviewed Them About Drinking Piss

The alt-metal gods reflect on wilder days.
J Bennett
Festivals 2015

The Best Photos from Heavy Montréal

The praised heavy music festival returned for its seventh year.
Chris Bubinas
Internet Exploring

Faith No More Get the "Shreds" Treatment

You knew this was coming.
Noisey Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Faith No More Play Two Brand-New Songs Off Their Upcoming Album Live for the First Time

The band debuted "Sol Invictus" and "From the Dead" at their tour kickoff show earlier this week.
Noisey Staff

The Untimely Death and Glorious Rebirth of Faith No More

Keyboardist Roddy Bottum talks gimps, Sasquatch musicals, and that time they met "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.
J Bennett
Holy Shit

The First New Faith No More Track in 17 Years Is a "Motherfucker"

Their first song in close to two decades is streaming now.
Noisey Staff

Dear Diary

Hi! At Hebrew Marcie told me she was going to Florida for Christmas vacation. She asked her mom if I could go with them.
Lesley Arfin