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Facebook Says It Already Deleted More Than 2 Billion Fake Accounts This Year

Facebook announced Thursday that the company killed more than 2 billion fake accounts in the first quarter.


Inside a Reddit Sockpuppet Operation

According to multiple Reddit moderators, someone called "Aaron" has approached them to be part of a spam marketing campaign, with a particular focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain-linked projects.


Facebook just axed a bunch of “bad actors” meant to influence the U.S. election

The company torched 32 bad actor accounts and pages from Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday.


The Bots That Are Changing Politics

A taxonomy of politibots, a swelling force in global elections that cannot be ignored.


I Spoke to One of the Male Victims of My Weird Catfish Drama

When he stopped talking to her, the cyber charlatan told him—via other fake accounts of her "friends"—that she'd intentionally overdosed on heroin.