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A teenage girl in South Sudan was auctioned off on Facebook

“This barbaric use of technology is reminiscent of latter-day slave markets.”
David Gilbert

India’s fake news epidemic is killing people, and Modi’s government has no plan to stop it

“The bigger responsibility lies not with social media companies but with the state that is facilitating this environment of hate and impunity.”
David Gilbert
Zeenat Saberin
fake news

Pro-Trump robot videos are popping up all over YouTube — and no one seems to know why

“These channels are getting an 8-digit number of YouTube views every month, and they are designed to stir up outrage.”
David Gilbert
fake news

Moscow says it too is worried about the spread of fake news

“It’s important to admit we haven’t seen any considerable progress in that area, while the related risks are only getting deeper.”
Tim Hume

Judge forces Facebook to reveal its ties to Cambodian strongman

The decision could give fresh insight into how closely Facebook works with repressive regimes around the world.
David Gilbert

Americans are using Facebook to meddle in Ireland’s abortion referendum

“The country is ripe for outside influences because Ireland is seen as a bit of a battlefield, from both the pro-life and pro-choice sides.”
David Gilbert

Is Facebook’s Brexit investigation too little, too late? Probably.

“I suspect that [Facebook] will see only a certain aspect of the campaign, because the troll factory is getting better and better at hiding its traces.”
David Gilbert
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WhatsApp is causing a serious fake news problem in Brazil

“You can have huge networks of people that are totally out of control and are unseen,”​ said Rosental Alves, a professor of journalism at the University of Texas-Austin.
Noah Kulwin
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Facebook Is Going to Start Flagging Fake Articles on Your News Feed

The social media giant will rely on a network of fact checkers and users to dispute stories that might be intended to spread false information.
Lauren Messman