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You're Smarter Than That

Diet Coke Would Like You to Think It’s Seltzer Now

Coca-Cola unveiled new packaging and four new flavors of Diet Coke.
Susan Rinkunas
the diet coke presidency

Donald Trump Reportedly Drinks 12 Diet Cokes Every Day

Trump is "powered by long spells of cable news and a dozen Diet Cokes."
Susan Rinkunas
Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Robert Christgau on Waxahatchee's Brilliant New Anger

The Dean of American Rock Critics reviews Katie Crutchfield's latest album and a new LP from Beth Ditto.
Robert Christgau
Fighting Words

There's No Such Thing as Healthy Ice Cream

Halo Top’s success is a symptom of our national food guilt.
Susan Rinkunas

Back to Basics With Beth Ditto

The former Gossip frontwoman's first solo LP, 'Fake Sugar,' is out Friday.
Nick Levine
Parental Advisory

Pregnant Women Who Drink Diet Soda Have Fatter Kids

Yet another strike against fake sugar.
Jesse Hicks
the diet coke presidency

Donald Trump Has a Button on His Desk for the Sole Purpose of Ordering Coca-Cola

POTUS really, really loves soda.
Susan Rinkunas
fake sugar

Here’s Another Reason You Might Want to Quit Diet Soda

The health risks (Alzheimer's?!) may not be worth the calorie savings.
Jessica Migala
Eat This

Why Did the FDA Ever Approve Fake Sugar?

There's an unsettling story behind how it did.
Kristin Lawless
New music

Wait, How Is Beth Ditto's First Solo Album Only Due Out in 2017?

"Fire," the first single from upcoming 'Fake Sugar' has her back on throaty, bluesy form.
Lauren O'Neill

How Diet Soda Ruined My 20s

I lost eight years of my youth stuck in bed with horrible migraines.
Julissa Catalan

This Lab-Grown Sweetener Is Trying to Cure Our Sugar Addiction

As our sugar intake grows, an Israeli company claims to have invented a lab-grown substitute that could reduce sugar content in food by half and cut manufacturing processes.
Rich McEachran