Falcon 9

moon landings

Watch the First Private Moon Lander Ride to Orbit on a SpaceX Rocket

The Beresheet lander will attempt the first private Moon landing on April 11.
Becky Ferreira

Falcon 9 Backlog Delays Canada’s $1B Surveillance Project

The constellation of three satellites will surveil 90 percent of the Earth from orbit, but SpaceX's backlog has delayed the launch.
Jordan Pearson
Twilight Zone

Why Do Some Rocket Launches Look Like UFOs?

What is the “twilight phenomenon” and why does it produce spectacular light displays during SpaceX rocket launches?
Daniel Oberhaus

Meet the Amateur Rocketeer Building Self-Landing Replicas of SpaceX Rockets

Joe Barnard has spent the last three years pioneering DIY landing technologies for amateur rockets and now the aerospace industry is paying attention.
Daniel Oberhaus

SpaceX Almost Caught Part of a Rocket Using a Boat and a Giant Net

It "missed by a few hundred meters."
Daniel Oberhaus
Mars 2024

Elon Musk Is Still Insisting Mars Will Be Settled in 2024 and Then Terraformed

The basis of Musk’s project rests upon ethical problems that haven’t been figured out yet.
Caroline Haskins
Dear Future

An Artist Is Launching a 100-Foot Satellite That Will Be Visible to the Naked Eye

"Space art" will become a whole new level of public art.
Samantha Cole

We Are Living in the Age of the Reusable Rocket

SpaceX has successfully reflown (and landed) one of its used Falcon 9 rockets.
Jason Koebler
Rocket Science

SpaceX's Latest Rocket Landing Video Is Stunning

The drone's-eye view of the latest Falcon 9 rocket booster coming back from space is awe-inspiring.
Carl Franzen
cape canaveral

SpaceX Is Finally on Its Way Back to the ISS After Historic Launch

Sunday’s CRS-10 resupply mission to the International Space Station was the first time the Apollo-era launch pad had been used since 2011.
Daniel Oberhaus

SpaceX Revealed the Cause of Its Rocket Explosion, And When It’s Launching Again

Buckles in Falcon 9 helium tank likely cause of September catastrophe.
Ben Sullivan

This Is the Best View of SpaceX's Latest Barge Landing

For its third landing at sea and its fourth overall on Earth, SpaceX gives us the view from the best seat in the house.
Leif Johnson