People Described the Weirdest Lies Their Parents Told Them as Kids

"For some reason, my dad told me that he gave birth to me."
Iva Parađanin
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I've Helped Separate Kids from Parents in Court, So I Know How Awful It Is

The job was among the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.
Issac J. Bailey
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Crying Girl in This Viral Photo Wasn't Actually Separated from Her Family

The photo became a symbol of the current family separation crisis on the US-Mexico border.
Drew Schwartz

What It's Like to Rebound as a Young, Homeless Mother

With affordable housing facing a crunch under Trump, it's harder than ever for young families to cope. Still, some find the support they need.
Sonja Sharp

The Mothers and Daughters Who Marched on Washington Together

"I thought it was very important to support my daughter, and all daughters of the world—not just for women's rights, but all rights."
Darragh Dandurand
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Meet the Ex-Con Who Founded a Startup to Connect Inmates to Their Families

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' we talk to the founder of Pigeonly, an app that helps inmates and their families stay connected.
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This Heartbreaking Short Film Perfectly Depicts the Pain of Losing a Parent

We spoke to filmmaker Jim Cummings about his award-winning film 'Thunder Road' and how he got the rights to use the Springsteen classic that inspired it.
Jeffrey Bowers

Why So Many Stay-at-Home Dads Are Depressed

Strangers are suspicious, our friends are patronizing, and stay-at-home moms often won't let you into their club.
Paul Willis

Does Living with a Step- or Half-Sibling Make Children More Aggressive?

A recent study found that children who live with step- or half-siblings are more likely to behave aggressively than kids who don't. We got in touch with the lead researcher to figure out why.
Sophie Saint Thomas
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The Cleveland Strangler Is on Death Row, but His Victims' Families Still Suffer

In the final part of the series, host Wilbert L. Cooper meets the victims' families who are continuing to try to make sense of Sowell's crimes and the institutional failures that contributed to them.
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The Cost of Dying in Greece

Due to the economy it's hard enough to live in Greece, but exorbitant burial costs, limited cemetery space, and endless bureaucracy make dying almost as difficult.
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Watch This Powerful Short Film About a Violent Family

Kat Candler's "Hellion" packs a lot of emotion into six minutes.
Jeffrey Bowers