A North Korean Feast in Manhattan with Recent Defector Joo Yang

Joo Yang, a 23-year-old defector, has brought along some smuggled ingredients from her home country’s black market.
Jakob Dorof

Tuareg Refugees from Mali Are Stuck Between Poverty and Violence

Fleeing war for poverty in Burkina Faso has left them in a horrible limbo.
Hannah Strange

'I Realized I'd Been Brainwashed': The North Korean Defector Living in London

"I grew up seeing many cases of people being taken to prison because they had said one wrong word. We have a saying: 'There is an ear, even on the wall.'"
Kim Joo Il, as told to Tabitha Lasley

The Man Who Thinks He Never Has to Eat Again Is Probably Going to Be a Billionaire Soon

Rob Rhinehart's hobby of <a href=http://www.vice.com/read/rob-rhinehart-no-longer-requires-food>eating nothing but a smoothie that looks like semen</a> has become a career thanks to a crowd-funded campaign that gave him $800,000 to produce his product...
Monica Heisey

Germany's Blood-Drenched Debt Could Save Greece's Economy

Some Greeks are claiming Germany owes them $211.5 billion, including interest, for being complete assholes during WWII. Needless to say, that would put quite a dent in Greece's financial woes.
Gregory Frye

Can Britain Handle the Rapes, Killings, and Clans in Somalia?

There's a big meeting in London tomorrow to talk about all of Somalia's problems. Officials from the UN, the African Union, the IMF, and 50 countries will be there to impart their wisdom/spout platitudes in a bid to help Somalia rebuild itself after...
Oscar Rickett
Question Of The Day

Would You Eat a Family Member to Survive?

With stories of starving rural families killing and eating their own children to survive coming out of North Korea over the last couple of weeks, we began to argue over whether it was OK to eat your parents. To answer the question definitely, we asked...
VICE Staff
Vice Blog

What Happens When the Food Runs Out?

By the second part of this century wars won’t be fought over land or oil, but rather food. Or more specifically, the lack of it.
Wendy Syfret
The Russia Issue

Russians Yawn At Death

Few countries can boast a death count as high as Russia's in the 20th century. Twenty million were killed by Hitler and Stalin each, and millions more were lost in the Civil War, WW1, and the Famine.
VICE Staff