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Dave’s Chart-Topping Success Opens a New Chapter for His Fans

We spoke to some of the south London rapper's fans, about his number 1 debut album 'Psychodrama' and its wider significance.
Narzra Ahmed

'Dragon Ball Z' Superfans Tell Us Why the Franchise Is Still So Popular

"'Dragon Ball' is the Iron Maiden of anime."
Tom Usher
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The BTS Live Show Is a Glowing, Self-Affirming Safe Haven

For fans of the Korean boyband, like myself, their "love yourself" mantra swells in size in a live setting like London's O2 Arena.
Biju Belinky

'Rick and Morty' Incest Porn Is Tearing the Show's Fans Apart

RickMorty shippers are testing the boundaries of the First Amendment.
Beckett Mufson
Fandom Week

When Hardcore Pop Fans Turn Their Back on the Fandom Forever

Jealousy, disillusionment and anxiety can cause even the most dedicated fans to reevaluate how they spend their time, and who they spend it with.
Daisy Jones
Alexandra Pollard
march madness

Those Oversized Disembodied Heads at College Basketball Games: A Life Story

The oversized heads that fans wave around behind baskets during college basketball games were once one of fandom's great ideas. Now they're just part of the landscape.
David Roth
Fan Games

Touhou and the Quest to Discover an Audience Beyond Japan

Touhou is a bullet hell shooter series with a whole bunch of fan games. Now it's coming to a PS4 near you.
Caty McCarthy
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Our Magical, Terrible Journey Through the Blazblue Wiki

Series: Blazblue Type: Fighting Game Franchise with innumerable spin-offs Rating: Anime
Aevee Bee

A Day in the Life of a James Dean Impersonator

Photographer Reto Sterchi followed Scott Brimigion as he competed in the famous James Dean lookalike contest in the icon's hometown of Fairmount, Indiana.
Reto Sterchi

Meet the Hardcore MLS Superfans Who Will Do Anything for Their Team

Traveling 18 hours for one game seems like madness, but for a certain breed of MLS fan, it's part of the price of admission.
Kevin Koczwara