Steak Tartare Recipe

Making steak tartare may look simple (all you need is a good piece of meat, right?), but it takes a special touch and knowledge of French cuisine to do it right.
Julien Ponthieu
MUNCHIES Holiday Gift Guide

Spoil Your Friends and Yourself with These Fancy Food Gifts

We all deserve a little luxury this year.
Munchies Staff
Los Angeles

The 21 Best Fancy Restaurants in LA

From uni pasta to "Secret Beef," Los Angeles's fine dining scene makes our mouths water. Here are the 21 spots you shouldn't miss.
Munchies Staff
New Orleans

The 14 Best Fine Dining Spots in New Orleans

Whether you’re looking for old guard institutions of gastronomic excellence like Commander’s Palace or a restaurant devoted solely to the celebration and elevation of the boucherie, Nola undoubtedly has got you covered.
Munchies Staff

The 5 Best Fancy Restaurants in Chicago

In the great city of Chicago, you can very easily survive on deep-dish pizza. But what if you just want to spoil yourself? We have you covered.
Munchies Staff

'Catboy Goes to a Fancy Party,' Today's Comic by Benji Nate

Olive and her cat Henry are invited to a party at a big house with a bunch of people they don't know so they go exploring.
Benji Nate

Lobster's Delicious History Is Completely Insane

This is the story of the tastiest of crustaceans across the ages, from anonymity to celebrity, from tin can to silver platter.
Éric De Benedictis

Eating at Fancy Restaurants Makes You Just as Fat as Hitting the Drive-Thru

Just remember this: you may feel better ordering foie gras than French fries, but it doesn’t make a damn difference whether you have a white tablecloth or not once it’s in your stomach.
Munchies Staff
2014 in Review

This Is How We Don't: The Raised Stakes of Appropriation

Why the wanton jacking of black culture by white artists carried an extra edge in 2014.
Kasai Rex

Roasted Scallops Recipe

On a bed of pea puree sprinkled with crispy prosciutto? Fuck yes.
Michael Teich

"Weird Al" Yankovic Sat Down with Us to Explain How He Conquered the Internet

It wasn't until I actually saw him stroll into the lobby that I really believed the reigning King of the Internet could take a moment away from darting all over the digital landscape to talk to the likes of me. It ended up being a long conversation.
Mike Pearl

It's Time to Call BS on 'House-Made' Ricotta

I feel like it’s my duty as a cheesemonger to clarify a commonly misused terminology in the queso category: ricotta. Let’s step into the cheesy laboratory of technical terms to discuss how ricotta is really made so you can call bullshit the next time...
Charlotte Kamin