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A Deep Dive into the Voyeuristic World of ‘Big Brother’ Superfans

The fandom is closer to that of a sports team than of a reality TV show.
Audrey Carleton
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"Spreadsheets Are Dope": The Allure of the DIY College Basketball Fantasy League

It's easy enough to pick a NCAA tournament bracket online, but if you want to play a fantasy game with actual college players, you'll need to make it yourself.
David Roth
Fantasy sports

Inside Yahoo's Fantasy Sports Mission Control on NFL Game Day

We spent the opening NFL Sunday inside Yahoo Fantasy Sports headquarters with the engineers who make sure that everything runs smoothly and updates constantly.
Tim and Dave Simpson

Why the State of New York Keeps Giving Fantasy Sports Sites a Hard Time

There's skill involved, but critics say the biggest sites are skewing the game too heavily toward chance.
Leif Johnson
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Fantasy Football Dating App: Week 17

In week 17, the best players are rested, the best offenses go conservative, and some players are out there chasing individual glory.
Toby Mergler
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Playing Fantasy Football the George Costanza Way: A Year in Review

At the start of the NFL season, we proposed that a policy of do-the-opposite contrarian zigging could be a winning fantasy football strategy. It mostly worked!
Jesse Farrar
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Playing Fantasy Football the George Costanza Way, Week 15

"These are the picks you're looking for," as a character in the popular movie "Star Wars" movie franchise once said. Also seriously there are fantasy picks in here.
Jesse Farrar
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This Engineer Is Making Your Fantasy Sports Dreams Come True

Broadly Staff
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A Judge Has Banned DraftKings and FanDuel From Operating in New York

The judge upheld the belief that DraftKings and FanDuel are nothing but a "multibillion-dollar scheme intended to evade the law and fleece sports fans."
Brian McManus
costanza method

Playing Fantasy Football The George Costanza Way, Week 14

Gamestop memories, Marcus Mariota, some dumb guys saying boring things about LeSean McCoy, and a few helpful suggestions for your fantasy football teams.
Jesse Farrar
the costanza method

Playing Fantasy Football the George Costanza Way, Week 13

Nobody and nothing is perfect, the Costanza Method included. But we have to try something, and in this pivotal fantasy football week, we might as well try this.
Jesse Farrar
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​NFL DFS Week 11: The Sunday Crossword

Buy! Sell! At these prices, football players are flying off the shelves!
Craig Clark