Farm Bill


Inside the Most Important Battle in Congress You Aren't Paying Attention To

The Farm Bill will have profound consequences for the country, especially poor people and rural areas. Negotiations over it have completely stalled.
Mark Hay
Broadband Land

ISPs Have Asked the Senate to Limit Funds for Rural Internet

Proposals being considered by the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry would block communities from getting funding.
Kaleigh Rogers

A Proposed Database of Food Stamp Recipients Isn't Only Cruel, It's a Security Risk

The House Agriculture Committee passed its version of the 2018 Farm Bill last month and it includes plans to build a massive database in order to catch food stamp participants who register in more than one state.
Kaleigh Rogers

Why Vegans Are Protesting Bernie Sanders Rallies

Matt and many of his fellow DxE members are hoping to bring Sanders’s support for agribusiness to a more public consciousness, which Matt says is a black mark on an otherwise positive record.
Nick Woods

Thousands of Young People Are About to Lose Their Food Stamp Benefits

If you are younger than 50, don't have children or a disability, and rely on government benefits to eat, you could be in trouble soon.
John Surico

War Veterans Turn to Farming to Cope with PTSD

The latest Farm Bill recognizes veterans as a distinct class of beginning farmers, creating a number of loans, outreach assistance, and training programs specifically available to vets interested in working the land.
Lauren Rothman

America's Economy Is Recovering, But Its Food Security Isn't

As the holiday season ramps up and cooks everywhere prepare to fill their tables with burnished roasts, bubbling pies, and heaps of holiday cookies, a sobering fact runs counter to the seasonal excess: in America—the wealthiest country in the world...
Lauren Rothman

Kentucky Wins Hemp Seed Release from Federal Government

The state was frustrated by the federal seizure of 286 pounds of seeds, which it will use to cultivate test plots of hemp for research.
Max Cherney

Kentucky Wants to Grow Hemp So Badly, It’s Suing the Federal Government

The state is frustrated by the federal seizure of 250 pounds of seeds, which it intends to use to cultivate test plots of hemp for research.
Max Cherney

Can Hemp Really Save the World?

Can marijuana's non-psychoactive cousin really save the world, or is it’s universal utility just a pipe dream of cannabis dweebs and conspiracy theorists that’s coming into vogue because of marijuana accelerating legality? With the US's first legal...
David Bienenstock

Well, That Was Stupid: The Shutdown “Crisis” Is Over

Around noon today, it became increasingly clear that the manufactured crisis that was the government shutdown is going to end the way everyone knew it would, with the Republican position collapsing.
Harry Cheadle

The Do-Nothing Congress Has to Do Everything at Once

The most inefficient Congress in history will soon have to vote on Syria, solve two budget crises, avoid a government shutdown, and figure out a deal to renew farm subsidies and the food stamp program.
Harry Cheadle