Farrah Abraham


Inside Farrah Abraham's Froyo Empire

Teen Mom OG star and entrepreneur Farrah Abraham opened FroCo Fresh & Frozen, a froyo franchise that has no apparent ties to her reality TV past, earlier this year.
Taylor Prewitt

'I've Made History': Farrah Abraham on Nicki Minaj Fight, Deen Rape Accusations

In an interview with Broadly, the "Teen Mom" star opens up about her Twitter beef with the rapper, being a woman in the adult entertainment industry, and how she's learned to deal with her mother.
Mitchell Sunderland
Internet Exploring

Cover Your Eyes Children, Nicki Minaj Called Farrah Abraham a "Cunt" on Twitter Last Night

Barb does not care for the way Abraham treats her mother on the reality show 'Teen Mom.'
Emma Garland

Pornhub's New Study Proves Americans Love Watching Anal Porn

Pornhub Insights, the smut giant’s data department, conducted a study about Pornhub users' anal porn consumption, discovering who has users' favorite asshole and which state watches the most booty porn on the site.
Mitchell Sunderland

Paris Hilton Is the Most Underrated Pop Star of All Time

Everyone knows Paris Hilton is a reality TV veteran, heiress, and successful businesswoman, but people forget that she's also one of the greatest pop stars of all time.
Mitchell Sunderland

Is Farrah Abraham the Last Outsider Artist?

The 'Teen Mom' star created a critically acclaimed noise album and a bizarre erotic novel.
Mitchell Sunderland
The Profiles Issue

People Reviews

In honor of the Profiles Issue, we decided to review musicians instead of music, like who has the best face and who is the worst person.
VICE Staff

Porn Kingpin Steven Hirsch Believes Tube Sites Are Good for the Porn Industry

Porn stars have started an online campaign to convince people to stop using tube sites, but Steven Hirsch, the porn tycoon who brought us the Kim Kardashian sex tape, thinks they should stop their fight and work with the tube sites instead.
Sophie Saint Thomas

Pornhub Created Graphs Comparing the Masturbation Habits of Americans and Russians

Do good ol' American boys take longer to jizz than Putin's cronies?
Ezra Marcus
Meet the Nieratkos

A Quicky with Farrah Abraham and Chris Nieratko

Chris Nieratko

Farrah Abraham's Music Is Way Better Than Her Sex Tape

This week the internet lost its hive mind for the Farrah Abraham/James Deen sex tape, 'Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.' I watched part of it, and it was ok, but it doesn't hold a candle to her musical output, which is pure postmodern outsider art tra
Drew Millard