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The Weird Science Behind Chain Restaurant Menus

I was a corporate restaurant consultant. Here’s how the sausage gets made.


This Burger Chain Might Look Like In-N-Out, But It's Not

Caliburger, a fast-casual chain that’s been franchised across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, has finally arrived in California—the birthplace of its inspiration, In-N-Out.


TGI Friday's Apologizes for Asking Potential Employee If He'd Have Sex with His Own Parents

“Would you rather eat chocolate-flavored shit or shit-flavored chocolate?”


'Clean Bacon' Is Panera's New Secret Weapon... But What Is It?

Panera Bread is doing something more innovative than even bacon-flavored envelope glue: it has made a commitment to making its bacon taste just like bacon.


Chipotle Is Dealing with Yet Another Lawsuit—This Time, Over Alleged Racism

From class action food poisoning lawsuits, to animal welfare issues, to big drops in sales and stock price, there seems to be no end in sight to fast casual company’s legal and market woes. Continuing in this vein, Chipotle is now having to contend...


Fast-Casual Restaurants Pile On Even More Calories than Fast Food

If you're trying to cut calories, fast-casual restaurants are a worse place to grab a bite than regular fast-food restaurants.


How We Made Farm-to-Table Cuisine Accessible to Everyone

Tender Greens was meant to bridge the gap between Chez Panisse and In-N-Out. The reality behind the food that I was cooking as a chef throughout my career was that it was really meant for the One Percent, so I wanted to change that.


Fast Food Restaurants Are Trying Really Hard to Not Be ‘Fast Food’ Restaurants

Burger and burritos chains are playing linguistic gymnastics in an attempt to distance themselves from the greasy insinuations of fast food.


The Glutton's Guide to Buffets

A glutton doesn't want much from life, other than a limitless supply of food, ready access to air-conditioning, a shower massage, and eventually, a full-time attendant. For such a person, only one form of food service will do, and you can bet it...