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Have Caviar and Brisket for Breakfast with This Very Decadent Hash

You'll probably have to go back to bed after eating this.
Munchies Staff

Steak-umm Sandwich with Foie Gras Mayo Recipe

Creamy, controversial foie gras comes together with freezer-aisle steak in these cheesy sandwiches.
Robbie Wilson
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Pour Some Fancy Champagne in Your Curry Tonight

This recipe from the masterminds behind LA's Badmaash combines cocktail shrimp with microwave rice and Cristal for one strangely delicious curry creation.
Munchies Staff

Scrambled Emu Eggs Benedict Recipe

We call this the "Emo Emu": scrambled emu egg with fried slab bacon on waffle-ironed Entenmann's glazed doughnuts. It's a hell of a way to eat your feelings.
Alvin Cailan
Los Angeles

Fat Prince: Lunchables Veal Oscar with Michael Voltaggio and Matthew Gray Gubler

Joined by Ink.'s Michael Voltaggio and Matthew Gray Gubler of 'Criminal Minds,' Andy Milonakis makes Veal Oscar using Lunchables, king crab legs, and Kool Aid-glazed white asparagus.
Andy Milonakis

Turkey Lunchables Oscar Recipe

Classic Veal Oscar gets Fat Prince-ified with the addition of Kool-Aid glazed asparagus, Béarnaise sauce, and Pringle-Oreo dirt. Bon appétit.
Andy Milonakis and Michael Voltaggio

Fat Prince: Shrimp Curry with EpicLLoyd and Badmaash

Andy teams up with the brothers of Badmaash and rapper EpicLLOYD to make a beat-box-worthy saffron and Cristal curry with cocktail shrimp and microwave rice.
Andy Milonakis

Fat Prince: Foie Gras and Steak-Umm Sandwiches with Robbie Wilson and Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll and Chef Robbie Wilson of Mattei’s Tavern join Andy to indulge in a decadent and cheesy Steak-umm-style sandwich with foie gras mayo, pulverized Cheetos, Aleppo pepper, and a touch of syrupy sweetness.
Andy Milonakis

Fat Prince: Golden Pig Fried Rice with Animal

In the first episode of Fat Prince, our host cooks with famed nose-to-tail chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of Animal, gifting them with pig ears and 23-carat gold leaf. But as a man of the people with a balanced palate, he also tosses in Rice-A-Roni...
Andy Milonakis