Hamas and Fatah reach "final" agreement over control of Gaza

David Gilbert
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Car Bomb Kills Senior Palestinian Camp Official in Lebanon's Sidon

Faith Zaydan was the PLO's Fatah official responsible for the Palestinian refugee camp of Mieh Mieh in Sidon, which is near a larger camp that has recently seen clashes between Fatah and rival Palestinian and Islamist factions.

Death of a Stone-Thrower: Intifada 3.0 (Dispatch 4)

Tension builds in Israel and the West Bank with three new stabbing attacks on Israelis reported on Saturday, and the funeral for a young Palestinian stone-thrower killed by Israeli forces in Nablus.
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Day of Rage: Intifada 3.0 (Dispatch 3)

Hamas calls for a "day of rage,” beginning before sunrise as Palestinian protesters set ablaze the Jewish holy site, the Tomb of Joseph, in Nablus.
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Student Activists in the West Bank Facing Crackdown by Palestinian Authority

VICE News spoke to students in the West Bank who say they are being detained for their political opposition to the Palestinian Authority — an issue documented in a recent report by Human Rights Watch.
Patrick Strickland
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Palestinian Authority Detains 100 Hamas Supporters in West Bank as Unity Pact Crumbles

Around 50 supporters of the Islamist group were arrested over the past two days alone. Hamas has also detained members of President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah in Gaza.
Harriet Salem
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Israeli Security Service Arrests 34 After Foiling 'Transnational Plot' to Attack Jerusalem Stadium, Rail System

A network stretching from Syria to Gaza planned multiple bombing, shooting and kidnapping attacks in the city, according to the Shin Bet agency.
Harriet Salem
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A Decade After Arafat’s Death, Palestinians Reflect on the Leadership that Followed Him

Ten years after the death of the icon of their nationalism, Palestinians reflect on Arafat's legacy, including the troubled Palestinian Authority and the leadership that followed him.
Alice Speri
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Explosions and War of Words Mar Anniversary of Yasser Arafat's Death

After a string of 15 explosions rocked the homes of Fatah leaders throughout the Gaza Strip, Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas hurled accusations at each other.
Dylan Collins
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Video Shows Israeli Police Shooting Man With Knife As He Walks Away From Them

Police say they feared for their lives and fired warning shots before killing the suspect, but the footage seems to contradict those claims.
Liz Fields
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Tensions Escalate as Bomb Attacks Target Fatah Party Members in the Gaza Strip

Roughly 15 blasts targeted houses and cars belonging to Fatah leaders on Friday morning, as well as a stage that was to be used for an event marking the death of Yasser Arafat.
John Beck
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Palestinian Support for Hamas Soars After Israel War, as Fatah Loses Backing

Despite signing a unity deal in April, there is still a divide between Hamas and Fatah, as shown in a new opinion poll.
John Beck