Father's Day


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Seven of Literature's Ultimate Dads

From heroic lawyers fighting injustice to mutant inseminators with offspring spanning centuries, here are some of the dadliest dads around.


Meet 'Woke Daddy,' the Man Challenging Toxic Masculinity With His Dad Blog

"I get a lot of negativity from insecure men,” the "Woke Daddy" blogger explains, “but it does not bother me, I was expecting it. If I manage to plant the seed and instill a spark of critical thinking, my job is done."


Google Doesn't Know My Dad Died

Tech companies haven’t figured out how to automate human relationships.


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Your Relationship to Your Dad Explained by Astrology

In honor of Father's Day, we look to the stars to understand our unique, quirky, weird, sad, good, and strange relations with our dads.


Amazing Craigslist Ad Seeks Generic BBQ Dad to Grill Meat, Call People 'Sport'

“We're just looking for a dad to come and crack a cold one with the boys.”


The Only Dish My Dad Taught Me to Make Is Fried and Smothered in Butter

The recipe handed down to me by the six-earrings-tattoos-and-bare-feet man that gave me half my genes is a true New Zealand classic. Pikelets are fluffy clouds of flour and milk, halfway between a crumpet and a crepe.