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The Rio Olympics' Unintended Legacy: Citizen Journalism

Groups like Papo Reto have made it easier for foreign journalists to highlight the many issues in Rio. The foreign coverage, in turn, gives the groups legitimacy in Brazilian media that they've never had before.
Aaron Gordon
Stay Melo

Carmelo Anthony Explores Rio and its Favelas

Carmelo Anthony won some hardware when he visited Rio for the Olympics, but he still wanted more out of the trip.
VICE Sports
The Sick Day Issue

The Story Behind the Cover of VICE Magazine's September Issue

This month's cover of VICE magazine was taken in a favela called Santo Amaro, in Rio de Janeiro. We spoke to photographer Stefanie Moshammer about her work in Brazil and the inspiration behind the shoot.
Stefanie Moshammer
daily vice

We Check Out the New Body Cams That May Be Used by Rio Police

On this episode of 'Daily VICE', we go to Rio's Santa Marta neighborhood to talk to officers and residents about the city's new initiative to document encounters between civilians and police.
VICE Staff
Rio 2016

Trying to Experience Rio Outside the Olympic Bubble

Most of the 30,000 journalists covering the Olympics will spend their time in or around the Olympic venues. Our writer Aaron Gordon is trying to experience the real Rio.
Aaron Gordon
daily vice

We Went on One of Rio's Most Popular Favela Tours

On this episode of 'Daily VICE' we visit one of Rio's poorest neighborhoods in an attempt to understand a controversial form of tourism.
VICE Staff

Favela Jiu Jitsu: Ninety-Degree New Year

The Terere Kids Project ends the year preparing to send its first sponsored athlete abroad to compete in IBJJF Pan Kids in California.
Nico Ball
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Growing Basketball in Brazil's Favelas

The NBA is partnering with Rio de Janeiro's sport secretary of state to develop basketball in the largest favela in Rio.
Donna Bowater

What It’s Like to Hold a Food Festival in a Rio de Janeiro Slum

Rio de Janeiro’s Comida de Favela food festival sees restaurants from the Maré shanty complex—notorious for its competing gang factions—take part in a month-long competition to find the favela’s best dish.
Donna Bowater

Photographing the Families of Rio de Janeiro's Favelas

Antonello Veneri's latest project, "Interiores da Maré," documents the lives and homes of people living in the city's infamous slums.
Antonello Veneri

The Mayor of São Paulo Talks Public Health, Protests and Brazil's Drug Problems

"Sometimes regular civilians are less intimidating than a police officer. I really believe in the power of social control coming from within the community itself."
Débora Lopes and Peu Araújo

How one startup mapped Brazil's confusing favelas

The Friendly Mailman is a clever solution to a uniquely Brazilian problem.
Brian Mier