The Craziest Thing About the Ryan Lochte Saga Is That It Got Investigated At All

The whole Lochte saga started because the police investigated a robbery—something that, for millions of Cariocas, is nearly unheard of in Rio.
Aaron Gordon
daily vice

We Check Out the New Body Cams That May Be Used by Rio Police

On this episode of 'Daily VICE', we go to Rio's Santa Marta neighborhood to talk to officers and residents about the city's new initiative to document encounters between civilians and police.
VICE Staff
rio de janeiro

Rio's Olympic Legacy Bus System Is Leaving Poor and Working Class Residents Behind

The Bus Rapid Transit system installed for the Olympic games was supposed to help Rio residents get around town. Instead, it has helped isolate some of the city's poorer residents.
Aaron Gordon
dispatches from rio

The Olympics Begin, and So Do the Protests

On the night of the Opening Ceremony for the 2016 Summer Games, Brazilians took to the street to protest the Olympics, and a lot of other things, too. Things seemed peaceful, until the police shot teargas.
Aaron Gordon

What Will Olympic Tourism Mean for Rio’s Favelas?

Increased tourist attention towards the favelas of Rio has afforded residents new financial opportunities—but not all stand to thrive from it.
Angela Almeida and John Surico

Rio Is Preparing for the Olympics with Forced Evictions and Rivers of Sewage

In preparation for the Summer Olympics, Rio De Janeiro has attempted to "clean up" its unplanned, poor communities known as favelas. The results have not been pretty.
Mich Cardin
Rio Olympics

"No Teachers, No Doctors," and More Police Violence: How the Rio Olympics May Victimize Street Children

By siphoning government money away from social services and encouraging violent police "pacification" of poor favelas, Rio's upcoming Summer Olympics may make life even tougher for homeless children.
Donna Bowater

Inside Instituto Reação, Flávio Canto's Social Project in Rio de Janeiro

Catch up with Flávio Canto, an Olympic judo champion who left the his competitive life behind to create a social project in the slums of Brazil.
Armando Aguinaga

Getting to Know the Drug Lord Who Controlled Rio’s Biggest Slum

Being one of the most powerful drug lords in the country is "a much tougher job than people imagine," according to Misha Glenny's new book.
Manisha Krishnan

What It’s Like to Hold a Food Festival in a Rio de Janeiro Slum

Rio de Janeiro’s Comida de Favela food festival sees restaurants from the Maré shanty complex—notorious for its competing gang factions—take part in a month-long competition to find the favela’s best dish.
Donna Bowater

Every Three-Metre Square on the Planet Now Has a Unique Address

What3words assigns each area a three-word locator. I was born in thinnest.coverage.intimate.
Harry Harris

Rio's Favelas Are Feeding Brazil's Elite

Rio’s favelas, long ruled by violent drug gangs, are undergoing a controversial, government-enacted cleanup. Now seen as safer, they're attracting a wave of diners looking for more than just a standard <em>feijoada</em>.
Lauren Rothman