Fear of clowns


Professional Clowns Explain How the 'Creepy Clowns' Are Affecting Business

"I just want to do some kids shows and have fun and face paint and make balloons, you know? I don't want to risk going out and possibly getting assaulted."


Some of Those Killer Clown Sightings Were Fake, Cops Say

A man in North Carolina admitted to lying to police when he said he saw a clown tapping at his bedroom window, and security footage debunked the first report that kids saw a clown near the forest.


Real Clowns Are Pissed That Evil Clowns Are Giving Them a Bad Rap

The terrifying clown hysteria sweeping both Carolinas has some professional party clowns hanging up their red noses for good.


Maniacal Clowns Are Attacking People with Guns and Knives in France

I called up a real clown to get his take, and he told me that you can spot attack clowns by their feet—they won't be wearing the classic oversize shoes.


Edgeplay Isn’t Your Grandmother’s BDSM Scene

“Edgeplay… ends up being whatever your circle deems ‘edgy,’” says Madeline, who is nude. As she talks, Z jabs a needle in her back and a cup at the end is filling up with her blood. He twists off the cup and takes a sip before throwing it back like a...