Federal Aviation Administration


Boeing Just Found Another Problem with the 737 Max

The company has told the FAA that some of its jets may have faulty wing parts.


Boeing’s anti-stall feature on 737 Max misfired during Ethiopian Airlines crash, report says

Investigators believe the same system malfunctioned in the Lion Air crash last October


The Boeing crashes are becoming a bigger problem for Trump's White House

President Donald Trump and members of his Cabinet could even become involved.


Here's why the U.S. waited to ground the Boeing planes

Some experts suggest that the FAA’s close links to the airline industry make it look like the delay was politically influenced.


Trump wants to privatize U.S. air traffic control

Trump wants to hand over one of the largest and safest air traffic control systems in the world to the private sector.


The Government Is Using a No Fly Zone to Suppress Journalism At Standing Rock

Drone journalists are documenting human rights abuses in North Dakota. A no fly zone enacted by the FAA violates the First Amendment, experts say.


A Samsung Note 7 Phone Actually Exploded on an Airplane

The Southwest flight hadn't taken off yet, thankfully.


The FAA is worried your Galaxy Note 7 will explode on a plane

Samsung is pulling the Galaxy Note 7 from the market after several instances of battery explosions.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, the victim of an apparent murder-suicide on the UCLA campus has been identified, Saudi Arabia invests $3.5 billion in Uber, marijuana-infused edibles are legal in Oregon, and more.


Trump Can't Fly His Private Jet Anymore Because He Didn't Pay the $5 Registration

The FAA told the pilot of Trump's aircraft they won't be able to haul Donnie to any more rallies until the jet is re-registered.


What Happens If You Don't Register Your Drone with the FAA Today

Today is the deadline under the FAA's new rules.


I'll Register My Drone When You Have to Register Your Gun

The apparent contrast in national priorities is disheartening.