Federal Election 2015


How the Conservatives Lost Canada

Many of us hated outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper–and it said more about us than him.


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Here’s Why, as an Indigenous Person, I Voted for Trudeau in the Canadian Election

The thought of four more years of Harper was like an evil ghost climbing up my asshole and shaking me to the core.


A Hacker Trolled a Bunch of Canadians Who Confused Him for Stephen Harper on Twitter

He's almost as aggravating as the real Stephen Harper.


An Investigation into Justin Trudeau's Alleged Hotness

Everyone is talking about how sexy the new leader of Canada is, but how do his looks stack up to the prime ministers who have gone before him?


The Most Loathsome Winners and Losers of the Canadian Election

Some of them won. Some of them lost. But they're all losers to us.


How Canadians Learned to Stop Worrying and Vote for Justin Trudeau

After a long, strange, and scandal-filled campaign season, Canadians gave the Liberal Party a massive, unexpected victory.


The Liberal Party Just Won Canada's Election

Justin Trudeau is going to be Canada's new prime minister.


​'Do I Matter Now' Movement Unites Indigenous and Muslim Women Against Stephen Harper

Indigenous women wear niqabs to direct Harper's attention to Indigenous issues and show solidarity with Muslim women in Canada.


Canadian Photojournalists Are Pasting Posters of Their Most Powerful Images in the Streets

Boreal Collective has made it their mission to reclaim public space in Toronto and Montreal.


​Why I'm Tossing My Vote into Canada's Dumpster Fire of an Election

Here's legendary Canadian Paul Spence on why it's OK to be frustrated with politics.


Watch the Ladies of Drunk Feminist Films Booze Their Way Through Canadian Election Ads

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