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Federal Judge Tells Trump to Just Mute People on Twitter

A Manhattan federal judge is encouraging a settlement to a First Amendment lawsuit over President Trump's Twitter behavior.
Sarah Emerson
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A Guy Trump Nominated as a Judge Apparently Used to Hunt Ghosts

Brett Talley may have never tried a case, but he has written a bunch of horror novels.
Lauren Messman

Trump Nominee Called Trans Kids Part of 'Satan's Plan'

Jeff Mateer, an extremist lawyer who currently works for the Texas Attorney General's office, has also advocated for conversion therapy and has said that same-sex marriage will lead to bestiality.
Gabby Bess
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A Federal Judge Blocked Texas's Plan to Defund Planned Parenthood

The judge ruled that the state cannot cut the reproductive health service provider's Medicaid dollars.
VICE Staff
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Neil Gorsuch Called Trump's Anti-Judge Tweets 'Demoralizing'

The SCOTUS pick reportedly voiced his concerns in a meeting with Democratic senator Richard Blumenthal.
Lauren Messman
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Coretta Scott King's 1986 Letter Condemning Jeff Sessions Is as Relevant as Ever

Three decades ago, Coretta Scott King wrote a letter opposing Sessions' nomination to a federal judgeship. As he faces a confirmation hearing for Attorney General, a professor of Africana studies and political science explains how it "could have been...
Kimberly Lawson

Federal Judge: Hacking Someone's Computer Is Definitely a 'Search'

Shouldn’t this be obvious?
Janus Rose

Constance Baker Motley Is the Civil Rights Movement's Unsung Heroine

A new documentary about lawyer, judge, and state senator Constance Baker Motley profiles her life's work as a courageous and unprecedented champion for civil rights.
Dale Meghan Healey